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Dismissal Of Head Teachers from their Office was Inappropriate – Rev Father Owusu Sekyere

Dismissal Of Head Teachers from their Office was Inappropriate

The National President for Conference of Assisted Senior Secondary Schools (CHASS), Rev. Father Owusu Sekyere has lamented on how the headteachers were asked to step down from their office due to some charges without their knowledge.

Father Owusu Sekyere in an interview on the Newday Breakfast show hosted by Ransford Nana Osei Asare stated that the dismissal of headteachers from their office due to the charges against them without interrogating and investigating them wasn’t right. Although about 7-8 of them were questioned about the issue but the means by which their dismissal was announced to them wasn’t appropriate. He said the teachers found out on social media that they are to step down for further investigation.

According to him, others were called to receive their dismissal letter without the knowledge of the charges against them. He been the CHASS President hasn’t seen the letter and the actual people responsible for the charges hasn’t opened up to them,they understand that the head teachers are to step down for investigations to go on but the charges were not supposed to be done.

“Personally as the President of CHASS, I’m worried about the issue especially when I had a conversation with head teachers in Ashanti Region, I saw deep-seated bitterness in them. None of the 7 headteachers there were called and questioned,they also didn’t receive letters about their dismissal and later found out on social media. Seven out of 11 headteachers dismissed were from the Ashanti Region “he stated.

Rev. Father Owusu Sekyere disclosed that in most cases, when a school is reported selling free school items to new students,they investigated and questioned if it turns out to be the truth,they are sanctioned. But in this case where some were not questioned before dismissal was inappropriate and painful.

He emphasized that the society shouldn’t make the headteachers seem demomized because they really work hard to bring up students in their care. And also the headteachers have been asked to report to the regional office and he’ll be there to get more explanation to speak more into the issue. He said the GES have already spoken to them, telling them that what they did was unacceptable.The GES and CHASS are in good relationship and will solve the issue as soon as possible.

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