Joyce Blessing To Marry Obaapa Christy’s Son After Bitter Divorce

Joyce Blessing To Marry Obaapa Christy's Son

It appears that the Ghanaian entertainment scene is going to witness a new marriage with a gospel theme. Obaapa Christy’ s son posted a post announcing his impending marriage to Joyce Blessing. Actually, people was surprised seeing that on social media because they never expected something like this coming.

People on social media were aware that the ‘Victory hit-maker’, Joyce Blessing might get married, but they had no idea that she would wed the son of one of her own coworkers. Given how supportive and affectionate social media users have been, this seems like a really interesting concept.

Some people think that because gospel music is so prevalent, it causes animosity amongst them. Although this is nothing new, gospel musicians who share the gospel with us ought to be role models for others.

Netizens think that something like this will unite people and foster love amongst them. It’ s encouraging to learn this since Joyce Blessing’ s marriage to her husband ended in divorce. I think you recall the ordeal Joyce Blessing went through when the news of her divorce went viral.

Greg posted a picture of himself and Joyce Blessing posing for a pre- wedding photo shoot on his Tiktok account.

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