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Motives for Foreign Students to Study in Canada

When selecting the ideal location for their study abroad program, international students consider Canada to have all the qualities they desire. Canada outperforms popular travel destinations like the US, the UK, or Germany in terms of welcoming people, excellent education, and quick processing of study permit applications.

Continue reading to learn the main factors that make Canada the top choice for international students when choosing a place to study!

Lately, Canada has experienced a massive surge in study permit applications by overseas students. For example, the University of Toronto, which is Canada’s largest university, saw a rise of approximately 20% in the total number of study permit applications over a span of 1 year. At the same time, Wilfrid Laurier and McMaster University witnessed a 30% increase.

For years, the US was the top choice among international students. But what turned the tables in such a short period? Are you wondering why most of the students are choosing to study in Canada? Let’s find out!

Uncomplicated Visa Policy
The first point here is Canada’s straightforward visa policy, which encourages students to stay for as long as they want. Moreover, the visa application process in Canada is short and precise, requiring less waiting time for study permit approval, i.e., within three weeks.

The following reason is the “cost”! If we talk about the United States, studying there is far more expensive than pursuing a study program in Canada. Moreover, Canadian universities also offer scholarships and financial aid to eligible international students, which is nothing less than a blessing.

When it comes to the cost of living and tuition, you’ll not feel overburdened in Canada, which makes it an ideal choice for overseas students.

Immigration Policies
The Canadian government always strives to welcome more and more international students. In fact, the Canadian government is aiming to welcome the highest ever number of international students in the coming years.

Employment Opportunities
As per the reports, around 50% of international students in Canada choose to apply for permanent residence after completing their studies. As an international student, a person can work in Canada for a maximum of three years after graduating on a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). This experience will help you better understand Canada’s workplace culture, trends, and more, and gain relevant Canadian work experience.

The key highlight of Canada is its universal healthcare system, which is individually managed by different Canadian provinces. Unfortunately, not all the provinces in Canada provide coverage for international students, but you can opt for their insurance plan or take an affordable insurance plan from private providers.

Work while Studying
As a valid study permit holder in Canada enrolled in a long-term study program, you may qualify to work while studying in Canada. But, first, you need to prove that your study permit has a condition that says you are allowed to work on and off-campus.

Road to Permanent Residency
By becoming an international student in Canada, your doors to Canada’s permanent residency and citizenship will automatically open. In addition, as a recent graduate with relevant work experience gained in Canada, you can apply for a Canada PR visa through Express Entry’s Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Apart from CEC, you can also apply for Canada PR through Express Entry’s Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and specific Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

To find if you qualify for Canadian immigration, take a free profile assessment today!

If you want to study in Canada and become an international student, you can choose the right study program and college. Also, you must know whether `you need a study permit in Canada or not.

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