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Mr Victor Kojo Bilson Advocates Road Safety measures Ahead of Christmas

The road safety has advocated road safety measures ahead of Christmas creating awareness for road users about road accident and how they can contribute to prevent them. With the mission of educating citizens about road safety awareness, Mr Victor Kojo Bilson in an interview on the Newday Breakfast show hosted by Ransford Nana Osei Asare shared insights on how road signs are important on the road. He said the road signs are to visible in order to communicate,instruct,direct and warn the driver but with their absence,possibility of accidents to occur is high.

He stated that road safety are not mandated to fix roads but it is the responsibility of the relevant assemblies to fix it. The Regulations Inspections and Compliance (RIC) department makes frequent checks on the road to identify problems on it and make report to the relevant assemblies to fix it immediately.

According to the station master of the Accra station in Takoradi of the Western Region, Mr.Bright Nii Nyameke stated that drivers mostly complains about the absence of road signs to him.Although the road safety always educate them about the road,they also gave him a pre-departure checks in order for him to check the cars before their departure but their more concerned about the bad state of road.

Mr. Bilson also indicated that the unauthorized speed ramps done on the highways by the people of the community are illegal and against the engineering rules. Slowing down a car on a highway while it’s speeding can cause accident since the driver has no knowledge about the speed ramp. In road safety the four Es which are the education, enforcement, emergency service and engineering is involved in the management of the road. The road agencies are responsible for the engineering works of the road not the citizens of the community.

He disclosed that in the first 10 months of this year, statistics showed that over 605 accidents occurred,over 592 got injured and over 100 people died in the accident. The driver will always be misguided without the road markings and signs. He said it is not only the fault of drivers if accidents occur but to prevent accident pedestrians, drivers and passengers need to adhere to the rules of road safety and it also depends on the road and the cars they use.

The station master stated that drivers are advised in their meetings, faulty car are not allowed to operate in their station even if the unexpected can happen just like road accidents occurs unexpectedly.
” In preparation towards Christmas, we have started a terminal education to create awareness for drivers and passengers about road safety. They’re also communicating with the police to help them enforce road rules to road users.

We will be having highway checks to encourage drivers to check their cars before departure.Accidents that occurs are mostly caused by private cars and tricycles because of how speed they drive ” The road expert stated.
He emphasized that road users should adhere to the rules of the road,drive carefully to arrive safe to prevent accidents this Christmas festive.

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