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Reviving The Garden City; Restoring The Significance Of Kumasi In West Africa

Reviving The Garden City; Restoring The Significance Of Kumasi In West Africa: Revival of the Garden City; Regaining Kumasi’s Significance in West Africa: Sadly, Kumasi, a bustling metropolis in Ghana that was formerly known as the “Garden City” of West Africa, has declined in stature. The once-clean streets and lush environs have been replaced by dirt and disrepair. While the decline of this once beautiful city is disheartening, the lack of awareness and response on the part of the locals is much more concerning. This paper will look at the reasons for Kumasi’s apparent disregard for its filth and emphasize the negative effects it has on the people living there.

To properly address the problem, it is imperative to comprehend the root causes of this filth epidemic. Inadequate infrastructure and waste management systems are a major contributing factor. When there are no easy ways for people to dispose of their waste, they will probably end up throwing trash everywhere they want. To make matters worse, there is no strong enforcement of the law or stiff fines for littering. Authorities, locals, and companies have all failed together in this situation.

The people and the government need to be involved in a holistic approach to alleviate Kumasi’s pollution. The infrastructure of waste management, which includes public trash cans, recycling facilities, and garbage collection systems, needs to be heavily invested in first and foremost. Littering regulations should be vigorously enforced, and appropriate fines should be implemented, in order to further deter negligent behavior.

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