Salinko Reveals Trauma After His Ex-Girlfriend Revealed He Is Not The Father Of Their Child

In a shocking revelation, popular Kumawood actor, Salinko, recently exposed a distressing paternity issue involving his ex-girlfriend. The actor candidly shared the tumultuous tale of a relationship that took an unexpected turn.

Salinko initially embraced the news of impending fatherhood with excitement, having endured the loss of their first pregnancy. Supportive throughout the pregnancy, he went to great lengths, even providing his ex- lover with accommodation in his lavish Kumasi mansion while he continued to work in Accra.

However, the joy of fatherhood was short-lived. Just four months after the birth of their child, the famous Kumawood actor Salinko found himself embroiled in controversy. His girlfriend’s actions became suspicious, and paternity doubts surfaced.

The turning point occurred when the actor Salinko received a distressing call while working in Accra. A man had stormed his house, accusing him of snatching his lover and child. The accuser, to Salinko’s astonishment, turned out to be a fellow Kumawood actor, someone he knew personally.

Shocked and upset, the Kumawood star Salinko promptly instructed his girlfriend to leave his house, returning to Accra to confront the situation. In the subsequent confrontation, the truth unravelled. His ex-girlfriend, in the presence of her family, admitted to double dating.

” After I sent her packing, she brought in her father to apologise on her behalf. I told them I was already attached to the child, so I would continue taking care until he grew, and I could afford a DNA. But deep down, we all know I am not the father, ” Salinko revealed in an interview on Adom TV.

This painful experience has led Salinko and his current wife to make significant lifestyle changes. They’ve decided to steer clear of mutual friends and exercise caution when forming new acquaintances. The betrayal has left a lasting impact on Salinko, prompting a reevaluation of his social circles.

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