Yaw Dabo Breaks Silence After Don Little’s Arrest

Ghanaian actor Samuel Yaw Dabo widely known as Yaw Dabo speaks on the arrest and incident involving his colleague, Don Little, who reportedly knocked down a motor-rider with his car.

Contrary to media reports, Yaw Dabo clarified that Don Little was not arrested but had a brush with the law after the unfortunate event. Yaw Dabo recounted reaching out to Don Little to gather the facts surrounding the accident that made waves in the media. According to his account, Don Little was not detained by the police, debunking claims that circulated in various news outlets.

In a video shared by Express GH TV on their YouTube channel, Yaw Dabo shared Don Little’s side of the story. Don Little explained that he was rushing a friend to the hospital due to an emergency. On his way, he encountered a motor rider, whom he tried to signal to clear the way. Unfortunately, the attempt failed, and the car’s mirror ended up colliding with the rider.

Contrary to the sensationalised narrative, Don Little clarified that a police officer was on the scene and took him to the police station for questioning. However, he was not arrested or placed in a cell. Yaw Dabo emphasized that such incidents could happen to anyone, urging the public to temper their criticisms.

” I spoke to Don Little after the incident, but he was not in police cells or something like that. This is part of life, and it could happen to anyone, ” Yaw Dabo stated in the video.

The actor’s account contradicts earlier reports that suggested Don Little had been arrested in connection with the accident. The clarification aims to set the record straight and provide a more accurate depiction of the events that transpired.

As news of Don Little’s accident circulated, it sparked public interest and concern. However, with Yaw Dabo’s insights, the narrative takes a different turn.

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